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About Us

Based in Greensboro, NC; Kerry Graves specializes in private investigation and security services for all types of situations and organizations, small or large.

He is also the regional director for TKMS (Tae Kuk Mu Sul), a world-wide martial arts organization.

Kerry routinely trains with law enforcement and security professionals to keep his skills sharp and honed.

His expertise spans a wide variety of fields and specialties, you can count on him to the get the job done right; as cost effectively as possible.

If you are looking for a private investigator that has proven real world experience and an excellent investigative track record, look no further than Graves Investigations.

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Tip of the Spear Security

Professional Security Guard/Patrol and Executive Protection Services for Events

Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates, LLC, offers trained and armed protection for individuals and groups worldwide. Sometimes, large-scale events have the potential to experience disturbances or even violence. Sporting events, concerts, high school gatherings, political events, and other large gatherings provide unique security challenges. We are experienced at providing personal protection for individuals attending these events, as well as offering screening and security observation for the event as a whole. Our mission is to ensure the peace and defuse any tense situations rapidly and effectively, removing perpetrators (or preventing their entry).

Athletic Games, Concerts, Conventions, and More

For events like town halls, athletic games, concerts, conventions, and other gatherings hosted in large venues, we not only provide roving private security services, but also can install security personnel and walk-through metal detectors/magnetometers at facility entry points. Depending on the requirements of each event, we may deploy:
  • Crowd control
  • Field/court security
  • Bag checks
  • Metal detection/screening

Whatever your event requires, our well-screened, highly trained security personnel will provide professional, courteous service and rapid resolution of any potential disturbance. Our goal: To be essentially invisible unless needed.

Now Offering Metal Detectors/Magnetometers for Security Scanning!

Metal detectors/magnetometers use an electromagnetic field to detect metal objects like concealed handguns and knives. Many of our clients request screening of guests at security checkpoints on event entries. We set up metal detectors/magnetometers at entry points, where guests must walk through the metal detector, receiving a quick, accurate full-body scan. In case of any alarm, our security personnel are trained and equipped to isolate any threat rapidly and effectively.

Executive Protection of Individuals at Events

Recent executive protection assignments have been:
  • We protected CNN’s personnel while they were on location in Charlotte, NC, reporting on riots in that city in the fall of 2016.
  • Executive Protection News Celebrities
  • We protected a Fox News correspondant while they were on location at a classic car show in Southport, NC, reporting on the Fourth of July festivities. You can watch the clip by clicking this link or on the video screenshot to the right.

If you’re in the event planning business, operate a large venue, or are charged with hosting a one-time event for your company or association, you know that interpersonal conflict, weapons, and any kind of violence must be non-issues. Graves-Wiley will design a realistic plan for keeping your event trouble-free, then staff your event with expert security professionals equipped with the latest security technologies. For more information about how we keep the peace at events worldwide, contact us today at 1-800-683-2173 for a free consultation.

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