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Personal Investigations

Inconspicuous, Professional Personal Investigations

When you feel threatened, concerned for your own or a loved one’s safety, or suspicious of someone else’s motives, a private investigator can uncover the truth for you and protect you from harm.  Many victims of stalking, fraud, infidelity, domestic violence and other challenging situations feel helpless and don’t know where to turn. People who fear a loved one has been kidnapped or is involved with drugs often don’t have any idea how to locate helpful evidence.  Individuals who are dating via online services may not “really know” the person they plan to meet in person.

Counselors, attorneys, and law enforcement professionals certainly are essential to effective personal investigation, but a professional private investigator can save you time and money in the process of getting the information that they need to help you build your case.  A private investigator knows how to find information unobtrusively and accurately, without raising a suspect’s suspicions that he or she is being investigated.

Graves Investigations well-trained, experienced investigators are known for their effectiveness at personal private investigations.  From background checks and surveillance to DNA analysis, we have the know-how to gather the information discreetly and professionally.

Custody Cases

Unfortunately, many separation and divorce cases involve difficult child custody issues. While you might think that a good lawyer is all you’ll really need, a good lawyer appreciates having the sort of proof that a private investigator has the time and resources to obtain.  The private investigators of Graves Investigations can acquire proof of your opponent’s lifestyle, income, romantic relationships, criminal history, work history, assets, and more.  A private investigator may provide information that makes the difference between gaining custody of your children and losing your children entirely.

Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence—physical or emotional abuse inflicted by one’s spouse, intimate partner, or housemate—affects millions of people each year.  A domestic violence investigation allows the victim to gather evidence in order to press charges against the perpetrator.  A Graves Investigations private investigator will assist you, whether you are a woman or a man, in compiling proof and documentation to pursue your domestic violence legal case.  If you decide to leave, we’ll assist you in finding a safe place and social services that will allow you and your children to get away from the abuse permanently.

Forensics and DNA

If you are concerned that a loved one has a drug problem, is cheating on you, or is involved in illegal or other dangerous activity—or if someone you love has gone missing—we can use forensic science to gather and analyze evidence such as latent fingerprints; residue such as paint, gunpowder, fibers, and drugs; bodily fluids such as blood, semen, and urine, as well as hair and skin; and other items of forensic value. We can also test hair, blood, and urine for illegal and controlled substances.  From paternity tests to missing persons searches, Graves Investigations will help you get the evidence you need.

Blood Pattern Analysis

Blood stain and blood spatter pattern analysis is one of the many specialties in the field of forensics. It involves the scientific disciplines of biology, math, physics, and chemistry.  When bloodstain patterns are analyzed, they can show qualified analysts what happened when the crime was committed. This information can be used to reconstruct the crime and bring the guilty parties to justice.  At Graves Investigations, we perform detailed professional blood spatter analysis that provides strong, solid evidence in criminal cases.

Computer Forensics

This method of investigation often is necessary in cases where marital infidelity, child pornography, theft, blackmail, and fraud may have occurred.  A computer forensics investigation can turn up information someone might be trying to hide, even if they thought to delete the suspicious emails and clear their browsing history. Computer forensics investigations are usually mostly about data recovery via analyzing the RAM, recovering any files that have been deleted, and correlating information from multiple hard drives, such as an individual’s personal and work computers, or even their portable hard drive.

Forensic Interviewing

If you are concerned about the way a criminal investigation is proceeding, consider hiring Graves Investigations to conduct forensic interviews.  Especially common in child protective services investigations, forensic interviews are objective, employ non-leading questioning techniques, and require careful documentation of the interview(s).  Forensic interviews involve with the suspects, witnesses, victims, and any other sources can determine what are the facts underlying suspicions, allegations, and incidents.


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