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Our new website dedicated to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Forensics & DNA Analysis is now live. Check it out at www.GravesForensics.com.


What is Forensic Science?

Forensics is the science of gathering and analyzing evidence to establish facts to be presented in a legal proceeding.  “Forensics” can refer to:

  • lab work;
  • computer forensics;
  • gathering physical evidence like fingerprints, fibers, and drugs;
  • interviewing people involved in a criminal investigation; and
  • many other scientific processes.

Why Use Forensic Science?

While popular television shows like CSI present forensics in a somewhat glamorous way, forensic investigators don’t just work on high-profile cases for police departments.  Corporations and individuals hire forensic investigators like Graves Investigations to gather intelligence that can be used by attorneys involved in criminal and civil investigations.  From insider trading to child custody cases, forensic science offers many important investigative tools.

Forensic Science Searches for Facts and Truth

Forensic science draws on many disciplines, primarily chemistry and biology, but also psychology, social science, physics, and other fields.  Whatever type of forensic science is being practiced, investigators follow strict procedures to prevent evidence from being damaged or contaminated. Fundamentally, the purpose of forensic investigation is “to get to the bottom of things,” discovering the facts and truths of a case.  Ideally, the results of a forensic investigation are well documented and accurate, providing excellent information to present in a legal case.  Forensic experts frequently are called to testify in criminal cases.

Let Graves Investigations Forensics Team Help You

If you are the target of financial crime, in the middle of a messy divorce, concerned that your employee has allowed unauthorized access to company information, or the victim of violent crime…forensic investigation can help you. All Investigators employed with Graves Investigations have a Criminal Justice degree, prior military service, or prior Law Enforcement experience; and they have shown a high aptitude and excelled in their field of study and employment.  We know how to collaborate with attorneys, abide by relevant laws, and serve as expert witnesses in the courtroom.

At Graves Investigations, we work in four primary areas of forensics:

  1. crime scene forensics/DNA analysis
  2. computer forensics
  3. forensic interviewing
  4. bloodstain pattern analysis

For more information about our forensic services, give us a call today.

For more information on Blood Stain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Forensics & DNA Analysis, please visit www.GravesForensics.com.

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