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Custody Cases

Child Custody Case Private Investigator in Greensboro, NC

Child custody cases can be heart wrenching and volatile. While divorce is often the cause for this type of litigation, grandparents, family members, or friends of the family also may petition the court for custody in some circumstances.  Even if both sides of the case have the best interests of the child at heart, one side likely will be hurt by the ruling.

In cases of divorce and marital conflict, it is usually best that custody of children be given to the most dependable and responsible of the parents involved. Unfortunately, in many child custody cases, proving the suitability of one parent’s custody over another is challenging. It can be difficult to get the facts straight since each parent or guardian provides information through the filter of their own perspective. Hiring a private investigator like Graves Investigations to assist in your case can mean the difference in gaining sole custody of your child and losing all custody of your child.

Your primary goal in a custody case should not be to assign blame and spread negativity, but rather to focus on what is positive about you. By attempting to place blame to the other parent, you may well end up bringing negative attention to yourself.  Maintain focus on the child/children throughout, and seek to demonstrate in what ways you have positively affected their lives.

However, if you are concerned that your opponent is dangerous to your child, we help you get the facts to support your case.  If your child is telling you that they are scared or upset when visitation occurs, it may be time to investigate. In cases where children have been abused or neglected by either party, this can be a determining factor in a custody case. Generally, it is not wise to pursue the other parent as the enemy in a custody battle; however, if abuse or neglect has been present in the home, it is critical to include this information in your case to make the court fully aware of the situation. Graves Investigations can assist you in determining the existence of such abuse, and providing documented evidence to enhance your case.

Some clients want evidence of behavior that puts their child at risk when spending time with their custody opponent.  A private investigator will be able to acquire documents about your opponent that show their lifestyle, income, romantic relationships, criminal history, work history, assets, and more. Facts that are proved to be true can greatly affect the judge’s decision regarding the custody of the child involved. Video and still photos can be taken to provide proof of reckless behavior including:

  • Using alcohol or drugs when with the child
  • Leaving the child home alone
  • Driving erratically with the child
  • Failure to properly seatbelt the child in a car
  • Allowing child to participate in activities that are inappropriate for his age
  • Not caring for the child’s hygiene properly

In some cases, the client may discover that the subject is not nearly as negligent as they thought.  This evidence may give the client peace of mind knowing that their child is being well cared for when visiting their other parent.

If you are fighting for custody of your child, hiring a private investigator may increase your chances of a favorable ruling.  Graves Investigations provides surveillance and documentation for child custody cases.  Call 1-877-638-8254 to speak confidentially with one of our investigators.

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