Criminal Investigations in Greensboro NC

Criminal Investigations

From sexual harassment and child abuse accusations to suspicion of corporate theft, defendants have the right to a fair trial. At Graves-Wiley, we do everything we can to assist Defense Attorneys and their clients, helping uncover and document the truth. When we investigate a crime for you, you’ll have access to all the information we uncover, and we’ll keep you informed about what we find so you can build the strongest possible case.

We use surveillance, interviewing services, and other investigative techniques that help Defense Attorneys represent their clients most effectively with all the facts in cases involving:

  • Theft and/or fraud

  • Assault

  • Kidnapping

  • Homicide

  • Sexual crime

In many cities, the police work hand in hand with private investigators to find the evidence they need to solve cases. Some laws are different for police officers than they are for private investigators; while PIs are certainly not above the law and cannot break laws, they can sometimes pursue cases further or differently than police can.

However, while we cooperate often with police, the bottom line is this: Police crime investigators are working to find criminals and solve cases, while a private investigative firm like Graves Investigations is interested in helping you—the defendant—and your attorney.

Crime Scene Investigations

At Graves-Wiley, we know that the blood spatter patterns and bloodstains are not the only factor in determining your client's guilt or innocence. Crime scene diagrams, responding officer's notes, firearms or other weapons recovered, autopsies, and crime scene photographs all play an important role in your client's defense. We take an intelligent, detailed approach to our work, helping you determine if bloodstain or blood spatter pattern analysis is the right tool in your criminal defense toolbox.

We know our way around crime scenes, and we'll work carefully to:
  • take photographs,

  • collect samples,

  • write comprehensive report of our findings, and

  • testify in court.


Founder Kerry Graves has the knowledge and experience to obtain the information defense attorneys need to protect their clients. Kerry had military training that prepared him well for the challenges of private investigation. He has a solid background in cases including skip tracing; executive protection for families, teens, victims of domestic violence, and other individuals; child visitations; child support collections; computer forensics; missing children and adolescents; child abuse; and nursing home and elder abuse and neglect. He is a:

  • Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

  • Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI)

  • Private investigator for nine years

  • Former Child Abuse and Neglect Investigator

  • Former Clinical Instructor – Jordan Institute for Families at UNC-Chapel Hill (taught Social Workers and Law Enforcement how to conduct sexual abuse investigations)


You can entrust your investigative and protective needs to us. We get it right, every time.

For more information about how we can help you, contact us today at 1.800.683.2173.

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