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Corporate Protection

Reliable, Trustworthy Corporate Protection in North Carolina

Sometimes being the head of a company can put you in danger. If you have ever received threatening emails, letters, or phone calls, please call Graves-Wiley right away. Our experienced private investigators will perform a threat analysis, checking over your personal and business security situation for any weaknesses. Our goal is to give you, your employees, and your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're safe.

Graves-Wiley's executive protection personnel take time to investigate the situation and determine how high the risk of danger is for you and your business and family. Once this investigation is complete, we make recommendations for your protection. Twenty-four hour protection may be necessary when the risk is high; in these situations, a trained Graves-Wiley Protection Specialist will closely protect you day and night. You will be closely monitored in a secure environment to ensure your safety, and the Protection Specialist assigned to you will be armed and ready to engage if necessary.

In many cases, however, 24-hour surveillance and protection are not needed. You or your employees may only need an armed escort while traveling or protection when delivering expensive or irreplaceable cargo.

Another common reason companies seek corporate protection is termination of a hostile employee. Unfortunately, some employees become enraged and violent on learning of their termination; you need to protect yourself and your other employees from any threat from the terminated individual. At Graves-Wiley, we are experts at providing discreet, professional protection during difficult terminations. In addition, we can dedicate our surveillance personnel to monitoring the individual after the termination if concern exists for employee or property safety.

Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates, LLC in Greensboro offers trained and armed executive protection for individuals and groups in Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem and elsewhere in NC, VA, and SC, as well as worldwide. Protection measures can easily be adapted to the individual situation, so Graves-Wiley's Protection Specialist will assess each unique situation to determine the safest plan of action.

For more information about how we can help you, contact us today at 1-800-683-2173.

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