Child Abuse and Neglect Help in Greensboro NC

Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations

Unfortunately, in many child custody cases, proving the suitability of one parent’s custody over another’s is challenging. It can be difficult to get the facts straight, because each parent or guardian provides information through the filter of their own perspective. Graves-Wiley Child Abuse & Neglect Services will help you uncover the truth about how your child is being treated by his or her other parent or another adult with custody rights.

What Is Child Abuse?

We’ve all seen the distressing reports of children kept in closets for years, ignored and abused. However, behavior doesn’t need to be this distorted to be considered abusive. In fact, child abuse isn’t even always physical; belittling a child, ignoring him or her, withholding affection, or exposing the child to violence or abuse of others are all forms of child abuse, too. Child abuse and neglect cross racial, economic, and cultural lines. It’s not something that only happens “on the wrong side of the tracks” or when families are poor.

Why and How We Investigate Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse and neglect investigations are typically related to custody cases when one partner or a grandparent believes a parent is abusive and/or neglectful to their child and is seeking more custodial rights (or to have custodial rights taken away from the alleged abuser). Generally, it is not wise to pursue the other parent or guardian as the enemy in a custody battle; however, if abuse or neglect has been present in the home, it is critical to include this information in your case to make the court fully aware of the situation.

Hiring a private investigator like Graves-Wiley to assist in your case can make the difference in gaining sole custody of your child and losing all custody of your child. Graves-Wiley will assist you in determining the existence of any abuse and providing documented evidence to enhance your case. Fortunately, in some cases, our clients discover that the subject is not nearly as negligent as they thought, giving them peace of mind knowing that their child is being well cared for when visiting the other parent.

Evidence You Need

If you are fighting for custody of your child, and you believe your former spouse or partner (or someone close to him or her) may be abusing or neglecting your child, we can help increase your likelihood of gaining custody. Likewise, if you are a concerned grandparent—with or without custody rights—we can help prove or disprove your suspicions, gathering the legal evidence that will help get child custody orders modified or taken away from a parent who is abusive or neglects basic child care and supervision.

Courts of law attempt to rule “in the best interest of the child,” and private investigation will provide the kind of evidence that the courts need to ensure the child is kept safe. We will be able to acquire documents about your opponent that show their lifestyle, income, romantic relationships, criminal history, work history, assets, and more. Video and still photos can be taken to provide proof of reckless behavior, including:

  • Using alcohol or drugs when with the child

  • Leaving the child home alone

  • Driving erratically with the child

  • Failure to properly seatbelt the child in a car

  • Allowing child to participate in activities that are inappropriate for his age

  • Not caring for the child’s hygiene properly

Facts that are proved to be true can greatly affect the judge’s decision regarding the custody of the child involved. It is in your best interest – and that of your child – to find out the truth!

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You can entrust your investigative and protective needs to us. We get it right, every time.

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