Gathering Evidence of Domestic Abuse

Many times in domestic violence incidents, it is a “he said, she said” situation where there is very little proof available to determine what really happened.  When there are no witnesses, law enforcement has a difficult time determining what is going on between two people.  A private investigator can get you the proof and documentation you need to press charges or acquire a restraining order against your abuser.

Many domestic violence incidents go unreported because the victim is embarrassed or afraid that he or she will get someone in trouble.  Often, the victim is so used to maltreatment that he or she doesn’t realize how bad the situation really is.  When the victim has finally had enough and is ready to get out of the abusive relationship, he or she may enlist the help of a private investigator.

Gathering evidence and documentation of abuse can be crucial should any legal issues arise.  A private investigator may provide surveillance services to determine what type of violence may be occurring.  Verbal abuse may be recorded while physical abuse may be documented through videos or pictures.  Interviews with family members, friends, and neighbors may give the investigator insight into your relationship as well.

On the flip side, if you happen to be the one accused of domestic violence and you are innocent, a private investigator may help to clear your name.  In-depth witness interviews can help you establish yourself as a caring individual incapable of hurting others.  Your P.I. will investigate the complainant to discover if he or she has a history of dishonesty.  He may also uncover any motivation that may make the person lie about violence in the home.

No matter what services you need, Graves Investigations will help you prove that domestic violence has or has not occurred.  Our experienced private investigators treat each case with confidentiality to ensure that all of your matters stay private.  Located in Greensboro, NC, we serve clients in the Piedmont Triad and the Greater Raleigh area.

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