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Category Archives: Executive Protection

Personal Protection and Bodyguard Services

Protective Security Officer in Greensboro, NC If you feel threatened, take action to ensure that you, your family and your business are safe. A personal protection expert, sometimes called a bodyguard, works diligently to protect clients and guarantee their safety. Whether you are a top executive, a target of a stalker or involved in a […]

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Private Investigation Services to Stop A Stalker

Protection Against Stalker in North Carolina According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, stalking is a crime that affects 3.4 million people a year.  Often ignored by local law officials, many victims feel helpless and are unsure of how to stop the harassment.  A private investigator is a valuable ally to have in […]

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How to Hire an Executive Protection Specialist

Personal Security Services in Greensboro, NC If you’re searching for a bodyguard, the “bodyguard” common in popular media isn’t necessarily the type of bodyguard you should expect to find. In fact, they’re not even called bodyguards at all; the actual name for the profession is “Executive Protection Specialist” or “Personal Security Specialist.” While such specialists […]

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The Basics of Executive Protection

Protective Services for Corporate Executives in Greensboro, NC Executive protection can be extremely important for corporate executives, whether your believe your job will make you a target for kidnapping or exploitation or not. As a corporate executive, you have likely already taken steps to ensure your corporation’s safety. These steps will probably include pre-employment screening […]

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Executive Protection Training

In addition to providing executive protection for corporate executives, some private investigator firms also offer training to their clients. This training is designed to help clients better protect themselves and their loved ones if they are away from their executive protection specialist. Executive protection specialists may not be able to accompany their clients at all […]

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Executive Protection: In the Office, At Your Home

Hiring executive protection (also called “close personal protection” or “bodyguarding”) for your international travels may seem like a very obvious way to protect you and your employees, but you may also want to consider hiring executive protection for your office. Not only will hiring executive protection for your office help you and your employees to […]

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Executive Protection: International Protection

While there are many types of executive protection, perhaps one of the most helpful for many corporate executives is international protection. Hiring international protection ensures your safety while you conduct business abroad. In today’s world, corporate executives are at a higher risk of violence, kidnapping, and extortion than most travelers. In 2009, 67% of international […]

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Executive Protection for Your Corporation

Keeping your corporation safe is one of your top priorities. As a corporate executive, it is important for you to keep your valuable assets secure. Therefore, you most likely run pre-employment screening and a background check on your potential employees before hiring them. Background checks and pre-employment screening are essential, but hiring executive protection services […]

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Executive Protection Services

Keeping your family safe is likely one of your top priorities. Shouldn’t your corporation be as concerned about protecting its executive family? More and more companies are using executive protection services to keep their most valuable assets safe. Executive protection professionals protect a person from physical harm through techniques and tactics that are designed to […]

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Hiring a Bodyguard

The mainstream perception of a “bodyguard” is most likely the opposite of what you really need. The vocational name is “Executive Protection” or “Personal Security” and specialists are not hard to find. Follow these guidelines to ensure you’re getting someone truly qualified to protect another person’s life and well-being. Steps for the Search Always keep […]

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