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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Locating Runaway Teens

The teenage years can by trying.  Discovering that your teenager is missing and has most likely run away can be devastating.  A private investigator is a powerful ally in locating your missing teen.  Working with local law enforcement officials, a P.I. will conduct interviews and follow leads until the whereabouts of your child is discovered. […]

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Prove Your Case With Professional Surveillance Services

Good video documentation can make or break a lawsuit.  Whether you are entangled in a divorce, custody battle, or worker’s compensation claim, surveillance can provide the proof you need to win your case.  The indisputable evidence that is collected by surveillance will inform others of the true actions of an individual.  Private investigators use a […]

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A Trusted NC Private Investigator

Typically, individuals need a private investigator in times of great stress or trouble.  It is important that they have a trusted investigator who will protect their confidentiality during a difficult time.  With Graves Investigations, you get first-class service from a trained and licensed private investigator that has worked with a variety of clients in NC, […]

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Executive Protection Services

Keeping your family safe is likely one of your top priorities. Shouldn’t your corporation be as concerned about protecting its executive family? More and more companies are using executive protection services to keep their most valuable assets safe. Executive protection professionals protect a person from physical harm through techniques and tactics that are designed to […]

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