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"Thank you for the document. Thank you for your fantastic job. I truly thankful for you."

— Y.D.

"You are my man. Super job last night. Thank you so much for your help last night. Excellent job, excellent reviews. Fantastic work."

— CNN protection detail
     during Charlotte protest

"Great job and one of the best jobs yet. We definitely felt safe."

— CNN Reporter

"Thank you for all your help. The attorney here in K-ville that I spoke with Friday, said she was impressed at your thoroughness. Kerry, thank you so very much for offering to help tonight. You are very kind. Oh my word, what a difficult place to get into and look casually like you are supposed to be there. I commend you for a difficult assignment. I am surprised you could get as much as you did. Thank you."

— K.F

"Mission Accomplished!!! They are back and safe! Thanks for being there with them. Thank you for doing it!"

— T.B.
(International 5 week Protection Assignment)

"I want to recommend Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates to anyone who is looking for someone they have lost touch with over the years. My husband and I had our wills made when we were in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1980. When my husband died suddenly of a heart attack a year ago, I took the will to a lawyer, thinking I was covered and everything would go smoothly from there. The lawyer informed me that the will was not valid because in N.C. the witnesses signatures must be notarized. The only way the will would be valid is if the witnesses were found and sent a notarized letter saying it was their signature. It had been over thirty years since the will was made but Kerry Graves was able to find both witnesses who had both retired and move from Biloxi. One to Florida, and the other to northern Mississippi, when Hurricane Katrina came thru Biloxi years ago. I got the notarized letters from the witnesses and my husband's will was valid.

Kerry saved me thousands of dollars and much more heartache by finding people I thought would be impossible to find."
— Lou Ann Peters
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WELCOME to the Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Assoc., LLC Website

"Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear." — Edgar Allan Poe

Mr. Kerry Graves is a Forensic Criminologist with 6 years of experience being a mental health therapist. During this time, he provided therapy to over a hundred individuals with mental health issues including individuals who showed symptoms of psychological disturbances in the criminal realm. Mr. Graves has a book coming out early 2018, which discusses psychological disturbances in teenagers. Mr. Graves is also a Forensic Biologist and he has performed Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and consultations on criminal cases. Lastly, Mr. Graves is an expert in the field of Child Welfare. Mr. Graves spent time investigating child abuse and neglect, primarily sexual abuse as well as providing therapy to victims of abuse. Mr. Graves has investigated Domestic Violence as well. Mr. Graves subsequently became a Clinical Instructor with the Jordan Institute (Family and Children's Resource Program in which he taught Social Workers and Law Enforcement how to investigate sexual abuse and the signs and symptoms job sexual abuse as well as many other courses. Mr. Graves also wrote and co-wrote State manuals on child welfare. Lastly, Mr. Graves was the Child Welfare Collaborate Coordinator for N.C. State University in which he ran the Child Welfare program, recruited students on the BSW and MSW level and advised BSW and MSW students.

Greensboro, NC Private Investigator

Mr. Kerry Graves, MSW, ABD
Kerry Graves is a licensed Private Investigator and has 14 years of experience. He is licensed in North and South Carolina.
Forensic Criminologist
Forensic Biologist
Certified Forensic Interviewer
Personal Protection Specialist

Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates provides discreet, sensitive private investigation and professional protection services for individuals and organizations across the Southeast.
Whether we're providing executive protection, event protection, or private investigation services, we are 100% focused on delivering the results you want while earning your trust. We believe in doing the job the right way—every time—so your reputation and privacy are protected.

We give you peace of mind during stressful times.
Our staff of investigators consists of former law enforcement professionals, and four of our investigators have criminal justice degrees. The trained professionals of Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates will guide you smoothly through the investigative process so you can move forward with confidence.

Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates also provides:

Blood Stain Pattern Analysis for Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Bloodstain and blood spatter pattern analysis is a valuable forensic tool in criminal investigations, helping determine the position of a victim and suspect, the series of events during the violent crime, the likely movements of victim and/or suspect after the crime, the weapon type used, and other important details. We offer criminal defense attorneys and their clients a significant advantage in crafting their defense, serving as a reliable, professional expert witness in violent crime cases.

Private Investigation

Cases involving issues like marital infidelity, missing person searches, Worker's Comp and insurance fraud are tremendously sensitive, and they require the right experience and an intelligent approach. Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates is staffed by ethical, confidential, and trustworthy private investigators. From computer forensics and countermeasures to surveillance and witness interviewing, we will get the information you need.

Protection Services

Priorities like personal protection and facility/event protection leave no margin for error: they MUST be done right. From developing a detailed security plan for a special event to providing personal protection services for executives, Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates makes sure nothing is missed. We are experts at threat assessments, helping you evaluate your existing security program and recommending security improvements for your home or workplace.

We deliver by:
  • Getting the information our clients need
  • Working out reasonable fees that work for everyone
  • Keeping our clients informed
  • Protecting our clients' reputations by doing the job the right way
  • Keeping every case 100% confidential
  • You can trust your investigative and protective needs to Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates. We get it right, every time.

You can trust your to Graves-Wiley IT Security & Investigative Associates. We get it right, every time.

For more information about how we can help you, contact us today at 1-800-683-2173.

"People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing. A leader's job is to help people have vision of their potential." — John Porter

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